Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm loving 'it'. I hope you are too.

This is a boat. It's not a boat really, merely a snapshotte of a wee boat. The Ammonite, a Cornish Crabber or something like that. Owned by the wonderful Gerald. Eh? I liked this boat up so much I took the photo a few times - on the same bit of film with my Ilford Sporti. Makes it interesting I think. Don't you?

This boat is lovely, trust me. Sails with her gaff rig so 'nice' to use a technical sailing term. I drove it once you know. When the road in the harbour was empty. Gerald is sensible I think.

We have a visitor you know. Denis the Croation man from Croatia. Taking photees all over the place. None in Tolsta have escaped his gaze. He likes the Tolstians I think. Smiled and all at them. Shook hands like a proper person.  I like him being here. He might get to meet William. Now there's a thing.

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GB said...

Interesting, I'll give you that, seeing as you asked.