Saturday, October 25, 2014

Not much leisure

This is George. He was putting the finishing touches to his Leisure23 boat he has lurking outside his des-res just down the road from the house called Timbukthree in New Tolsta. New Tolsta is north of North Tolsta and thereby hangs a tale that I really know little of the clearances and the like.

The boat George acquired a while ago but needs a little tlc to get it back to it's best. Like letting the water out of the inside, a rudder and steering stick and a couple of hatches that got blown away in the wind in the recent gales. Apart from that, it's almost ready to go.

I like George. He has done some epic bike rides - all self supported - apart from the one when I supported him as he came out of a bar in Stornoway after he had just finished the end to end [of the UK]. I poured him into the car and brought him home. I think he deserved the celebration to be honest. Hopefully new adventures will happen with the boat. One day.

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