Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I have taken to processing up down the stairs. Not just for the sake of doing but as I move, gracefully, from the upper floors of the hoosey to the lower. I clutch my voluminous skirt out to one side [according to the direction of the wind at the time] and slightly bounce on the ball of my feet on the stairs. Oh, it feels so very lovely. Only, yesterday the wind was a tad brisk and I had to put in a couple of reefs. Actually, if I am honest I did more than that, I wore trousers. With flares mind you, but only small flares. I descended safely you will be glad to hear.

Oh please, you know I don't take landscapes! Denis, the Croation man from Croatia made me take it. OK?
Now look at this please.

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GB said...

I could just about cope with a landscape from you, dear lady, but I could never really come to terms with the paintings of Egon Schiele. I couldn't take my eyes from the video though so it achieved at least one of it's aims.