Thursday, October 02, 2014

Same roll

I'm on a roll. The same roll as the last two days to be totally honest. GP3 film. Has nice pictures on it and everything. Not really sure how that happened. It's not usually like me. Can't remember the camera I had with me but it looks like it might have been the Ilford Sporti. Nothing but the best etc.

I'll be back to my usual soon enough, don't you worry. Even though I suspect I'm talking to myself these days :-(


John said...

No, we're still here enjoying the adventures.

Bosse said...

Your three latest seaside pictures are superb.

Geraldo said...

Oh, I'm here, enjoying myself, and have been for quite a while now.

Sorry, I'm a quiet sort of person, in real life as well as on this Internet thing. But I do appreciate what you do.

Steven Reynolds said...

Yes, i'm still lurking, too. Nice blog. Nice pics. Not sure what is going on most of the time but hey- ho. Mustn't grumble.