Sunday, October 26, 2014


Of course it's William. Looks like him - well, if you squint a bit with a hand over one eye sort of thing anyway. I think Mrs Holden would recognise him.

I took the snap with a Franka folder and a 6x6 with RPX25 film. Set the thing to f32 and pointed it threateningly at the man for a few seconds. This is that.

I wasn't going to post this snap but a few scraggy little black sheeps gave me the eye this morning. We were down on a local beach braving the howling wind, breathing the air - that sort of thing - when the sheeps noticed us. Came rushing at us as if they were going to leap onto the beach from their cliff-side perches. We panicked a bit to be perfectly fair. Trotted back up from the beach glancing worriedly over our shoulders to see the little dark beasties weren't following us home. I mean, I'm not sure The Crofter would be best pleased if we turned up outside his gaff with a troop of his black woolly back sheeps in tow. Especially on this ere special day and everything.

Came home in the rain, shook off me oilies - or what passes for oilies - and found this snap. Thought it looked like I felt. 'FELT' note; not looked.

Oh never mind!

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