Saturday, November 08, 2014

Chucking paper around

Yes, yes, I have been in the darkroom doing a spot of Lith Printing. You may have noticed the colour of the paper and everything. I took this snap on 35mm camera [400s film @200 in Rodinal]. It's Denis and William don't you know. Down at Cromore - only there's a tad bit more grain. That must be the old paper I found. No idea what it is other than old fibre paper - possibly Kodak. Possibly. There's another version of this snap over on my Flickr stream. On Slavich Bromoportrait paper - all creamy and what have you.

This is that same Bromoportrait paper. Lovely isn't it? Though lacks a bit of oomph - talking emotional and all that. Lovely hay stooks though - down at Lemreway.

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