Friday, November 21, 2014

Have you noticed I have said very little? Nothing in fact

Posting every day or thereabouts has its problems. I can't always think of something to say - sensible or not. I could have told you about the sailing we did last weekend but I'm not sure you are really interested. I could have told you how grumpy I got - but if I told you that every time it happened, you'd be bored. Or I could have told you about the friends that are coming to visit.

Instead I have been thinking. Mostly because sleep hasn't been coming easily so I had plenty of opportunity. Unforetunately, the thinking hasn't helped a great deal but the snaps I have been posting are merely a non-verbal story about the island. Do let me know when you catch on to the plot-line.

The village is here bedotted with new kit homes all over the place. That's the sea out there, just below the clouds and all that.


GB said...

I gave up thinking a long time ago. It hurt too much. As for the story-line I got it many years ago.

Steven Reynolds said...

It is beyond me. Nothing new there, then.