Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Putt putt.

Drop mooring rope, untangle dinghy painter from tub Freyja. Putt putt, putt etc. Sunshine, breeze, up sail, bob bob bob turn bob bob turn, bob bob uncontrolled pirouette, flap flap flap, bob bob turn bob bob sail down putt putt putt Sunshine putt putt. Pick up mooring rope. relax. Smile. Enjoy.
What a lovely morning for sailing it was. I enjoyed it anyway despite barely going into the outer harbour. Look at the weather, lovely.

Iron Bark

There was another lovely boat lurking marina-side as I dinghied out then in. Called Iron Bark she spent the winter iced in at Greenland. Madness. See his blog here. Apparently, friends with Mick, Bee & Toots.

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