Monday, November 03, 2014

That Croation from Crotatia

He's posting snaps of the island that Croation man from Croatia called Denis. Lovely images too. I mean proper nice images on film and everything.

What I find fascinating is how someone from another place/space sees our patch. I would have posted one of his lovely snaps here but I don't know how. Far too complicated. But if you click here it will take you to his web-presence and you can keep up with his work over time. I know I will. I might even bring you some of the Subjective photographisers Mr Denis has pointed me in the direction of - and I like too :-). I might.

Please don't expect anything too up-market from Me today. Mr Crofter and his young lady came over the other night. Need I say more?

Here you are to be going on with. Boats with water.

Look left. Boats with water on the outside  [mainly]

Look right. Boat with water in the inside. [completely]

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