Friday, December 05, 2014

Dancing on my darkroom

We'm having the house wrapped. Not quite like Christo but all nice and cosy will be the result we hope. Here's Oscar dancing on the darkroom throwing marble bits at the wall - as one does. Oh how lovely the house is beginning to look - and feel. Soon we'll be able lay all cosied up in bed, gazing out over The Minch and thank Oscar and the boys for their excellent work. When they have stopped drilling, banging and playing RADIO2. Loudly.

I've noticed a lot of those lovely little rabbits around where I'm travelling to work at the moment and I notice those wildish rabbits have been consorting with other types. That's probably why those brown rabbits are sometimes black, black and white, have long ears dangling off their cute heads and sometimes are wearing corduroy waistcoats, smoking cigars. Of course I have no photos- I was working at the time!

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