Thursday, December 18, 2014

Digital? Do I care?

I don't care to be honest. Don't much care about digital cameras that is. I'll tolerate them, I have used one a couple of times but it doesn't rock my boat. Doesn't float my cake or something like that.

The electrical imaging devices are very good I might add. You can take nice snaps with them, load them up on the pooter easily and all that, but I just don't want one. However, Ms Gemma Crofter has one so there's going to be a new Crofters blog with digital snaps by Erself. Gemma already has a cooking blog ! Eh?

All the while I shall continue my film-based odyssey. I might even add a snap or two to The Island Crofters site when I feel the need.

It's easy to get crappy quality snaps with little old film cameras as these two 'through the windows' snaps show you.

 early one morning - from the bedroom

from the car in the rain

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gz said...

Quite seasonal!!... both of the pics!