Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Point & Shoot?

I mess around with cameras - all sorts. Old and very old cameras. Ones that work properly and ones that don't. Complicated ones, manual ones and in two cases, automatic ones. Like the Minolta Point & Shoot camera I have. Paid all of 99p for it but, and here's the rub, works really quite well. Makes up somewhat for my incompetence. And I wouldn't matter if I dropped it in the sea either - although I'd hate to lose a roll of film in the process.

Ok, it's not completely in focus but the exposure is fine. And the subject - Leigh on the good-tub Freyja - is great. And yes, the developing leaves a bit to be desired. But otherwise it's lovely don't you think?

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McGregor said...

Always enjoy your photos! Looking forward to many, many more in 2015.
Happy New Year to you and yours!