Thursday, December 11, 2014

This is Royston, pre cup of tea

We both had tea . Just before, I had noticed this composition, shouted 'stop' and he did.

It was taken with the Zorki4 Soviet camera with the Jupiter12 lens. And Czech Foma400 film rated at 800 then dunked in Rodinal. I love the effect!

The weather has been a tad breezy of late I must say. Wind, sleet, hail, cold, rain, rough seas, ferries stopped for a few days, HHHCB the cat not too happy with the thunder and lightening and sleet. Did I mention the sleet?

Even the sheeps of The Crofter weren't chuffed either. I found a few of them lurking behind a neighbours wall.

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Anonymous said...

One can almost forgive the "Beheading" because of the shadow