Saturday, January 31, 2015

Little bit of a breeze. Again

Been blowing a minor hoolie these last few days. The wind howled all last night, the tiles on the roof rattled, stayed in place and at least I was at home. My work trip to South Uist was off as the ferries were too disrupted. Snow, hail and high winds over The Clisham made the journey I undertook before the trip was called off a tad dreary. Sadly the cafe at the Heb Gallery was closed too so I visited the Hebrides Hotel for a welcome pot of green tea and carrot soup.

Of course I took a camera! What a daft question. But the weather was horrible and getting out the car was unpleasant. But I did get out into the rain and horribleness and took a  snap or two with the Bronica. This is one. Any idea where?

I know, rubbish snap.
I have lost my touch.


GB said...

I'm flummoxed. I'm assuming that you kept to the main road from Leverburgh to Stornoway. It looks like South Lochs but I can't place the ruin. I can't think of anywhere on the West side of Harris either. Hmm. Stumped and a tad annoyed with myself.

Andrea Ingram said...

Ah GB, maybe you assume too much!

gz said...

You haven't lost your's just the wild weather!

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit like Maaruig????