Sunday, January 11, 2015

That'll be me then

I tried something new today - photographically wise.

I used the last three frames on a film of foma400 rated at 800 in a canon eos to make some autoportraits. This is one of them and I must say it depicts me rather well - although it is back to front. You probably were going to mention so I have done it for you.

It is in fact a lith-print onto Slavich Bromoportrait paper from the 35mm neg. Did it just after the neg was dry. Took the snap at 3pm and dried the print at 5pm. How's that for a work-rate? Eh?

The thing is Mr Leon Taylor mentioned this book thing he was reading and I got a copy too. The book is "Why it does have to be in focus" by Jackie Higgins. It's not rocket science or brain surgery but it does have some ideas that led to a flash of inspiration. This the first glow of the flash that might, just might lead to a longer journey.

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Joe V said...

Great image, and I just ordered Higgins' book on your recommendation. Keep up the good work and also best wishes on the cleanup from the storm.