Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why I don't photograph music

The first point I must make is that it is nigh on impossible to photograph music. Trust me.
Except musical notation perhaps or, someone making music - or something that passes for music. Talking of which, I went to a lovely little musical soiree recently. It wasn't really my cup of spanners to honest although one of two of the beat combos on stage did tickle my fancy.

I went well equipped for the occasion all the same - an Olympus XA2 loaded with Agfa 400s @ 200. Since we sat in the back row with the intention of forestalling the onset of tinnitus, I was rather restricted.

This above was Wee Calum and BoDodley with The Drummer Boy. Brilliant, Wee Calum sorts my broccoli on Monday mornings and he does that with the aplomb of the excellent rhythm bassist he is here. Fantastic footwork by Wee Calum too and BoDodley sang wonderfully with a touch of Elvis Costello. Recommended.  

This was "Turn it up to eleven". It might not have been that as it happens but should have been. The young lady chanteuse was very good, plenty of arm movements [although often repeated] and a little bit of shuffle in between. Oh yes, The Drummer Boy was there too.

Right; ZZ quo > Ha! Brilliant. The shuffle wasn't there though. The seemingly 12 year old guitarist did a natty bit of footwork mind as he soloed away. Or whatever one calls it these days. Drummer Boy was here as well. He flailed away brilliantly all evening and I was rather disappointed we didn't get a 10 min drum solo as we used to. Like here . Drummer Boy surely could have given a run for his money!  He was well warmed up at this stage being on his second of three bands for the evening. Wonderful staying power as well as being a fine batteryist with all the attendant movements and flayling.

The only thing with this bandette was that I wanted a lyric sheet. To sing along and all that. " How did my chicken cross the road" sort of thing. "oh my sheeps is glorious in the evening sunshine of my love" or something similar. I might not have heard it right mind you - hence the need for lyric sheets.

Last in the evening was the Broken . Sorry, Broken Ravens. Great movement by the bass playing man\boy who obviously liked the new, exclusive drummer as he kept going to look at him - to ensure he was still grimacing properly I suppose. The singer fella looked to firmly nailed to the ground as he crooned though the fog  while Thrush - another banjoist - was swaying. Occasionally. Good though.

Perhaps I might 'do' some more musical photographising - while you are on a roll etc.....

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