Friday, February 06, 2015

Japanese handmade paper

No, no this is not printed on Japanese handmade paper!

Actually, it is now. Just not this particular picture. Well, to tell you the truth it is this image - or most of it but this isn't the actual print even if it is the original image. Got that?

Ok, I am still wasted - bruised and what have you too after yesterdays shenanigans and this morning's chi kung. You don't expect me to think clearly do you?

The thing is with Japanese H-M paper is that it's 'interesting'. Interesting in a way that makes printing on the stuff tricky. I came across some paper I'd pre-prepared by coating with hand-melted gelatin and then  home-made VanDyke emulsion so shoved it under a UV light and now I have some images - of some sort. I might show you them one day. When they are dry and if they ok.

Yes, this is The Crofter and Gemmima posing in their 'studio'. ahem.

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