Saturday, February 28, 2015

Then there was one

Two I suppose with me. Tall type people from another world. Looking and everything. We saw it.

Them there hills were still there when we left that day. Saw them later looming over our resting place. Just as well I had a little camera with me so I could capture that very moment. It's not like that now. The clouds are different, there's probably been a rockfall or three and the air has changed.

There's another photographiser visiting the island up here in the windy cold north. I shall post a link to her work when I have one.


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GB said...

That's a very interesting post for me. I have always had a 'thing' about pictures of people looking through windows and doors and people gazing at mountains. So the bottom picture is right up my street. The top picture is superb just because it is.