Thursday, March 26, 2015

Playing with my 170sl around the village

It's the sort of thing I do when the energy levels are a bit low and the thought of lugging around a big camera is not in the forefront of my mind. I got this little thing for about 99p [that's less than £1 for you mathematically challenged folk - like me] filled it with Foma400 film rolled into a 100asa film canister and went out. The little camera  knew I'd wanted to expose the film at 100asa and since the sun was out - it was almost perfect.

The camera is surprisingly sophisticated with little plastic flaps inside that block out part of the already small neg. How good is that? It's like that in the bit you look through too so you know the sort of thing you are going to get. Now the neg is really small and long. Well, longer anyway. Sort of like the neg shape of the Hasselblad Xpan without the cost [circa £1500 v 99p], quality or neg size. Apart from that it does just the same sort of thing but with a zoom. But of course without panache and style. And with mushy snaps!

See, I went for a stroll on the edge of the village - down towards where the witches gather. Having said that I expect the windmill might be frightening them off these days - even though it's not working at present. Must be why there is no wind with that thing not fanning it along.

Went doon this road. This might be 'up' but all the same place.

Now this is definitely 'up'. Up from the water treatment plant - yes we have one of those. No peaty brown water for us!

That's a lump of peat out there on t'moor. Looking back towards the village hiding behind the lump. A nice lump though. Nicely positioned and everything.

Oh yes it's coming back to me know. At this point my ears were beginning to drop off. I had 'ice-cream head' too. So pointed the 170sl - does't that just trip off your tongue eh? I pointed it at this, 'it' posed and I snapped. I like it. Talking of which/what, it looked young  Murray had already been out and cut his peats! Only, I caught up with him later and he told me they were last years!

Anyway, I like the 170sl. Simple like me. But classy :-)


gz said...

classy like you too!

GB said...

Isn't that the rather splendid little Pentax which had a remarkable lens for its day?

Andrea Ingram said...

Not sure GB. This is the little Pentax that cost me 99p !