Monday, March 30, 2015

There I was, waking up breathing,,,

There I was, waking up breathing when I shot myself. [This was yesterday you understand. I hope I have the same today since it is my preferred state] Luckily I only  shot myself with a little camera I found lurking by the side of the bed. Proves I was awake anyway.

It's not everyone that gets to see the bedroom scenes you know!

Anyway, moving on. I turned over and squinted out one eye out the window that sits in the wall. The sun thing was actually shining. Out there - and on the sea and all. It looked lovely.

In a trice I was thinking about getting up. Thinking about it.

We did get up in the end, once we'd painted my nails, had a cuppa and cereal [wit fresh fruit I'll have you know]. It was still not raining. See, proof positive.

Soon we were strolling one of the local beaches, sun warming our faces and the cool light breeze cooling them again.

See that hat? It is not black and white. Not sure if it's something to do with your eyes like That Dress or This Film. It is Eve though.

We walked, strolled really. Up there and then back past here.

And then this was there. Must be the gales that brings this stuff here.

Not sure the bed got here in the gales. Maybe by the Gaels.
Look, I'm telling you a story. Don't bother me with the quality of the snaps.
Ok, now you are going have to wait for the end of the story. If there is one.

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GB said...

You've succumbed to the selfie: a rather more arty one than most it has to be said. I always take the view (or have done so far) that if I wake up then it's a Good Day.