Friday, April 10, 2015

I must stop using this film

This film is awful. I mean really awful. I'm afraid to say it's HP5 - although it has obviously been cooked at gas mark 5 for a few months in a warehouse in Spain - where I bought it from for a about 2/9d a thousand metres. Just as well Mr Coelyne doesn't read this blog now as I'd be hearing his tutting from here - and he lives 800miles away!

Pity about the film really as the configuration of the roads - just outside the village boundary - were just right this morning. And I had a camera that [sort of] works with me that had a nice little lens on it too - Industar26m.

Took this one on the same stroll. Metered for the shadow and better for it! Is it me or the knackered film? Both me thinks.

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