Monday, April 06, 2015

So which is which?

Mr Keith Thompson from CaNada kindly sent me a little Fed Zarya to use. I stuck on the Jupiter12 he had kindly sent me previously - a very kind and generous gentleman this - loaded up with Tmax400 and took it out on a little island road trip yesterday. The Zarya is a scale focus affair so, for comparison of some sort I took out an old rattling [from a screw loose inside] Koday Retinette 1a I had knocking about and loaded that with Foma400. The Retinette I acquired in response to the Retinette 017 my father left me refusing to work as the shutter link had collapsed and I was told I could no longer be sorted. Pity, because that was one nice little camera. But the Retinette1a was only £4 so it wasn't robbed!

The trip we took was down to Uig area, a particularly lovely spot just thirty or so miles away. First though I couldn't resist a visit to my favourite Valtos before going on down to Carnish. All the time shooting with both cameras variously focusing Hyper-focally [as both lens are marked for this] or guessing.

I know they are not of the same subject or on the same film but hey, I am not a camera tester or a geek! This first snap is from one camera and the second from the other. Which is which then?

Camper vans are already here. Great huge things with a motorbike on the back in some cases. Sorry about the subject matter but nothing to snap up here - apart from the scenery and the vans and the sunshine. Yes, we had sunshine and everything!

Actually, I love this snap below depicting a fine wall. I like walls not that you'd know. And a road above it which we explored for the very first time. Right lovely it was too. Muur de Cliffe. Well worth a visit on the bicycle if you like a nice challenge.

And yes, I had a lens hood on both lens. So, which is which - without looking at the file names and all.

BTW; as you can see from the snaps, it is a lovely island. Not many people here at the moment - and that's the best way!


Keith said...

Well, the good news is that it works OK!
No 1 is from the Retinette and no 2 from the Zarya (but I have been known to be wrong ;-(


Andrea Ingram said...

yup, 2 and 3 from Zarya :-)