Wednesday, April 01, 2015

This is the day we are meant to come up some jokey near-realistic thing to get you all wound up. But I don't do such things. All my posts are true to reality - whatever that is.

This is a nice lith-print trust me. It is not going anywhere - perhaps on the wall in a frame - that sort of thing.
It is a mere snibbit of memory from our recent trip to the Moon. I didn't realise it had trees and everything but it does. The camera never lies.

We landed at midday [Stornoway Midday that is]. The earth was still there in the distance - glowing. The trip was a test trip from the Stornoway Space Centre to be. Obviously it took a few hours but twas nice all the same. Not sure who built the ditch things - perhaps it was little green people. You know the type. We didn't meet any while we were there. Just as well possibly as my grasp on Moonish is low. Non existent actually.

Please don't mention this to anyone, they'll all want to go and there are no more test flights for a while as I believe the track-rod end or something like that needs replacing on the spaceship.


Joe V said...

Great print, Andrea. Keep up the good work.

Dave said...

Even though that looks like a training Levada walk I’m concerned that you sent Eve ahead to check for elephants and the like that lurk in the trees there.
Nice print though so it was well worth the risk.

gz said...

Lovely image of Eve's Moonwalk! Nice trees