Wednesday, April 08, 2015


I now have this little FED Zarya with Jupiter12 attached. Lovely little thing but, and here's the rub, I'm getting what could either be gross flare from the Jupiter lens or a light leak from the body.

This snap is ok I think. I like it too.

However, these next two are not so good. This appears at irregular times on the roll.

Ideas would be appreciated. We are not used to sun here so I'm flummoxed!

Later; Ok, think I have already sorted it. I think I hadn't closed the back properly. Novices eh? :-)


Keith said...

Let us know if that fixes it. Those backs need to be pushed on and secured with care (especially when they are a few years old ;-)

The images are nice and contrasty - a function of the Jupiter along with your film and processing.

Anonymous said...

I believe your Aura has become so powerful it is overwhelming the cameras light shielding! Just my opinion.