Friday, May 01, 2015

Charles Menzies

Mr Charles Menzies' Junk boat which is his delightful home and on which Eve and I spent a lovely hour drinking coffee and changing the world. I liked Charles. He likes bicycles too. How good is that?

There he is. Who does he remind you of eh? Tell me that. Charles has a lovely work partner whom we had the pleasure of meeting - she is a duathlonist - or what ever one call them. I mean, she isn't but should be. Had the requisite earrings for it and everything.

If you require a shipwright to twiddle your bit of big string, rub your strakes or varnish something, then this is the man you need. At Gairlochy.

For the artistes of analogue photographic wonderfulness, you may be wondering about 'the glow'. It's because I didn't realise I was using asa50 Polypan-f, rated it at 200 and developed accordingly!

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