Monday, May 18, 2015

Maybe I will

My reader asked me about my darkroom and the extensive facilities I have here on the island for developing and sometimes printing films. Well, it's the old peat shed next to the house that also houses the bikes. Only thing, when I go in there to snap it up for you it's always dark. Funny that. So you'll have to make do with a couple of snaps of Mr Toots who is always sometimes full of brightness.

See, the great man almost smiled as he stood leaning against the rubbish thing at Carloway harbour. Almost. Can't blame him really, I hate having my snap taken even if it is a wonderful style and by a lovely photographer [blushing now :-) ]. Mr Toots told me some tale about the railway planned by Lord Leverhulme to transport fish from this his new harbour to Stornoway. As if!

Perhaps it was because I caught him red handed trying to quickly hide the newly baked cakes as I arrived the other day, Pentax-P30 in hand and everything.  Nice light bouncing off his not so bald head though.

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