Friday, June 05, 2015

Castled oop

Ok, tis not the castle really, just an adjunct if that's the right word. I think it's the right word, if not just pretend it is. This carbuncle of goodness is attached to said confection of a castle and houses, will house the Isle of Lewis/Harris museum. Nice eh?

The sun was shining  for a wee moment and I shot into toown with Mr Toots to make a snapping up with my Holga. This is what it saw - along with some light leaks later in the roll of film.

Not sure what the architecturally literate Mr Toots makes of the place but, he shot it with his Pentax all the same and, here this, finished a roll of film. Only another year till it gets developed!

BTW; we got heavily rained upon soon after!

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