Sunday, June 07, 2015

More castling

See, traditional innit? All that tin or something. Proper bent and the like. Lovely effect it has on one. Makes you snap up with the camera all afternoon - if I had the film.
I do have some more of this type of film - Foma400 - and seem to have found a sweet spot. Rate it at 200asa, develop it in Rodinal for 10mins [1;50] - sorted.

Nice isn't it? The dirt could have done with a bit of smoothing or something though. Having said that the nice men with spades are putting some plants in there. Saw one man with clipboard pointing at the ground to another man with spade. That must mean something surely?

Look there's the great Toots prowling the fences with his Pentax poised. Nearly anyway.

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Graham Edwards said...

I must go and have a nosey.