Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Here Vice Admiral Gerald puts the final touches to his table of 'things' at the very wonderful Stornoway Rowing Gymkhana the other day. The weather played well too mainly - although I did have to dodge the drips in the control tower [Gerald's well-appointed work-van that threatened to melt the soles of my shoes!] as the rain dripped through the tarp overhead now and again.

Still, without VA Gerald and his lovely partner Sue, the event would never have taken place. And what fun it was. I had fun anyway. I was timing - handing out fines etc [although they have yet to be paid - I am owed a choc-bar at least by one crew from another island.]

Anyway, moving on swiftly, this is the Nicholson School's St Ayles skiff getting taken down the slipway - very aptly named I might add. The events were brill. Shawbost seemed to monopolise the prizes but Barra should at the very least have won best turned out skiff!

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