Friday, June 19, 2015


Yes, yes, it's raining again. The summer weather is illusive as ever. Twas cold and damp when we took off to the wee boatee in the harbour to retrieve the recalcitrant mechanical paddling device. The wind was unruly too, blowing this way and that and threatening to send our little blow-up boat onto the rocks. Tis summer.

Perhaps it will change - as the evenings close in.

I blame it on the media [as one does] who said last year how this island is a hidden gem. It is, but as a result the weather is awful.

Anyway, I took this neg I found  at home on the floor under the settee and recreated it as illustrative of the current times.

Ilford MG FB/ Sepia


ADRIAN said...

This is an art that must be fast disappearing. I really love seeing you and others keeping it alive.

Michael said...

This is beautiful. Thanks to the settee for keeping it safe.

Harvey said...

Absolutely love this.