Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dampness didn't dull the spirit

A right nice clarinettist plying her stuff on the wet streets of Portsoy, fair caressing the ears whilst her sister did the same on her harp just down the road.

It was lots of people at the Scottish Traditional Boat festival at Portsoy at the weekend, despite the dampness. I like people - in the main. I like photos of people. I'm not so keen on taking photos of people. Strange that.

That's the Reaper with the big sail. Lovely boat But hard work to sail.

These are volunteers. I liked them.


ADRIAN said...

Great shots, only in Scotland could folk be out with more layers than an onion in June and be smiling and laughing.
The clarinettist sitting next to Low Street is whimsical, I wonder had she noticed.

Graham Edwards said...

I was going to comment on the summer clothes too but my description would have been much more mundane than Adrian's.