Monday, July 13, 2015

Here they are

Found this neg lurking in the dark recesses of the filing system - under the filing system [the settee ] as it happens. Dusted it off a bit and whoa, we have a snap of the lovely Daniel and Kathy from the good ship Aramis out of Cherbourg. Cherbourg France that is.

They'd sailed into Stornoway to escape the horrible weather we have been having this year - twice. [I notice that we have had 145  rain days in 2015 so far! ] Lovely people you know. Made us a cup of tea and everything. Rowed for Stornoway in the skiffs too. Oh what a lovely time they had - although they did get rather wet.

No idea where they are now since I can't find them on AIS. Perhaps they are back home. Looking forward to their next visit - it can never be as wet as this again, surely?

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Graham Edwards said...

Oh, Andrea, I hope not...I really hope not. My brother and `I and a friend had breakfast - bacon rolls and all that - at The Bridge Centre this morning. Good call.