Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Please don't ask

Don't ask where this is - I cannot remember for the life of me. It is on-island I can tell you that.

I like it though. Spent a little while snapping it up from various angles but liked this here the first snap I took. I would like to think it had a touch of the Fay Godwin magic but I suspect it is but a pale imitation. Yes, go and look at the late Fay's lovely work though I must point out there are lan*scapes!


Keith said...

That's really nice

Nice is a nice word ;-)

Every picture is a 'scape. Facescapes, cloudscapes, grassscapes, icescapes, urbanscapes,animalscapes, rubbishscapes - - - you get the gist?

Keith said...

I forgot - compo is great, square is beautiful

Keith said...

One more thing - Fay would have loved it - there is a story in there. The skyline with the trees is only a small part of it, but very mystical.

DavidM said...

May I dare to suggest that "Surely this is not a landscape?"is closer to Fay's work? Fay's work was always of "somewhere" rather than merely of attractive scenes and her titles reflected this. So this path would have had its own little narrative; it would have been an image of a particular path, although like most of the work we like, it would include some kind of essence of "pathness". This image shows a very "path-like" path. Forgive me for the inverted commas. It's my attempt to avoid looking a teeny bit precious. Perhaps she'd have printed it differently, but wouldn't we all?
Nothing wrong with the other image, either.

Keith said...

I agree. But I watched a ducumentary on Fay to refresh myself on her work. I think there was always a story and very often a path or failing that, a metaphor for one.
In the first image I see nice horizontal layers from sky to foreground (Fay used layers a lot), and my mind sees the path for the viewer to go diagonally from top to bottom. It has the depth of field that Fay's pictures always had. Forgive me for saying essentiall the same thing as you.

Andrea Ingram said...

I'll take that as you like it then :-)