Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Splendid weekend.

We are back. I'm sitting here with a drying tent draped around - a legacy of a summer jaunt to Portsoy.
The snaps are just  drying after development so I give you these morsels from recent weekends past

Smokey and his pals at the last check point after 150miles! And still smiling.


ADRIAN said...

You have obviously finished the fine art cycle race series and just when I was getting into the precision of New Age Photography or whatever you called it.
I have run two rolls of HP5 through the Bronica and had to guess as the prism thingy that meters light has gone on the blink. It needs a new battery, I have an incident exposure meter but only use it for close ups. I'll no doubt have results in the Fine Art category. It took me a roll to stop panicking and just press the blasted button.
Thank you it was great fun if a little expensive.

Andrea Ingram said...

Finished my series? You must be joking. Hardly started. Been away - life and all that :-)