Thursday, August 13, 2015


Know what I mean?

I was in possession of my pal Toots' Rolleicord camera with an uncoated Triotar lens. It's an old thing and Mr Toots told me it was knackered. It isn't. A quick clean up with a wire brush and hosepipe soon got it sorted. Now loaded with some HP5 I pointed it at The Crofter in his lair. Nice. I pointed it at Mrs 2be too but I was overdoing it, so you don't get that here.

I took the camera home again and pointed it at something else. Not so easy to focus with my eyes but hey, sort of ok.


ADRIAN said...

Great, a camera technician and sunshine as well.

Dave said...

I must intercede here; you must not use a wire brush on a lens, I'm sure that you know that. I find Brasso on a scoring pad works so much better as you can get right into the corner. Something you obviously haven't done judging by the flare.