Sunday, August 02, 2015

Now, before I mention it........

Sometime back, back when the days were not dampened more or less continuously but rain and blown almost dry by a howling wind before pouring again. Back then - if you can remember that far back. I can't since I'm ageing. I was only 18 last week and now I've just applied for a bus pass!  Back then, long before now, I took this snap of the foot of the Angel of the North. I like this snap I must say. The Angel stands in a strange location next to a little football pitch and a housing estate.

The snap speaks to me. I like the football goal posts, the foot and, particularly the contrast. Reminds me a bit of  the work of Mario Giacomelli. Ok, so the subject is different - everything is different but it FEELS TO ME like I might have been influenced by Mr Giacomelli. Somehow.

Of course these next images are not in that vein although the contrast is a little high for some reason. Maybe it's Godwin and Giacomelli colliding.

Now, this snap I like. Over in Gress on a stroll across the beach. I think it may have been a moment of sunshine before the rain too.

Sorry, forgot what I was going mention now!

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