Sunday, September 27, 2015


Whilst we were away off island as it were, we went to a lovely wedding. In the Lakes of all places. Nice mansion house, lovely peeps I use to work with in the last century and what have you. They haven't changed. Much. My good pal Derek got married and no-one fell into the trifle, no-one ended in hospital that I know of an, the sun shone.

These are some of the guests.


Roy Karlsvik said...

Your compositions... Well, I simply love them to bits and pieces, if one can say that?
Great, anyway!

racheld said...

There's just something about those LOOOONNNNG shadows on a lawn that's reminiscent of every family photo of my childhood. You had to face the sun for best light (It's The Law!) and so the photographer seemed a great tall tower of a person, lurching toward all the squinting subjects before they scattered.

Even the GRASS seems familiar and old, and as if it should be corralled into those tiny black sticker-points which held all our Kodak moments between the equally-noir pages of the old scrapbooks. And an old Model T (ditto, black) should be lurking just out of sight, to take all the Sunday-clad visitors home.

I can just smell the Uncles' cigars and the Summer heat.