Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We had a row

The day before The Great River Race, we had a row in a nice little row-boat hired from the wonderful Hammerton's ferry in Ham on the Thames. Eve rowed to Richmond and I held the oars on the way back while the tide flooded in - and did it ever move fast! But not before I'd snapped up Eve with the little Pentax Espio mini.

And then Eve returned to compliment as I pouted. Well, Lucrecia told me it was the thing to do.

I'm hoping I have a snap of two I might print in the near future. When my back has fallen back into place after the 2000 miles of driving we did whilst away from the island.


ADRIAN said...

Great to put a pouting face to the photographeress.
Superb results from a point and shoot.
May I be Cheeky and ask what you use to scan your negatives?

Andrea Ingram said...

I use a Canon 8800F. Terrible thing but cheap!

ADRIAN said...

Thank you. I am looking at a Canon 9000 something or other. That's cheap as well. It's only for T'internet so anything will do at web resolution but the bigger the file the better it is in Photoshop.
I love messing in editors.

gz said...

Heave Ho!!