Saturday, October 03, 2015

I had an OM1n with me

Just as well really; this tree was sat there waiting for me to snap it up. With an OM1n you can do that - nicely without wasting pixels an all that sort of thing. Try it sometime.

You don't have to go to Cornwall to do it.


ADRIAN said...

I am hoping to find an OM1 or OM2.
I live in hope of making it work as well as you do.

gz said...

Its always tempting to get my OM1 out again, had good results from that...too many things to do!

Roy Karlsvik said...

I never owned one, and maybe never will. It's a great camera though, and well worth to take home if you can find a good and cheap one. Maybe I got an old friend or something having one hidden away some place? Someone would probably think I got enough cameras allready, for what I know.
Great snap of a beautiful tree!!

ADRIAN said...

There are usually a few for sale here.


Michael McNeill said...

I saved hard for my OM-1 as a teenager and it did me well. A lovely little camera to use. I bought my daughter one for her birthday last year - a light service from Michael Spencer brought the meter's battery into the 21st Century and cleaned it up beautifully. Michael is a very decent guy to deal with and I can recommend him - he's on Ebay as camerarepairer (although I notice he hasn't been very active recently).

Graham Edwards said...

I'd have been really proud of the in my B & W days.