Saturday, October 17, 2015

I met a man the other day

This wasn't him, trust me. This man he was on the beach, you know the thing, great big over-pixelled camera with a lens as long as his campervan parked nearby, taking snaps. Snaps I ask you. For postcards - eh? What is point?
Anyway, he told me he was going to clone the footprints out - on the pooter! Maybe he should have got there as the tide was going out.

Sun is shining today. That summer we never had so maybe a little sail this morning. Maybe.

This is at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. That's the one reason for going there I can tell you although there is a nice building on a nearby bridge - oh, and the boats on the canal. And the mother in law nearby - obviously.

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ADRIAN said...

Lenses seem to get larger and more cumbersome with less functionality. It's a mystery to me as is trying to sell postcards when everyone bar me takes their own with a phone.