Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm doing something

Not sure really why I am doing this but have just been grovelling round in the loft for a bike. I found it too.

Eve has entered the Eroica Britannia cycle event in England next year. One has to ride a bike from 1987 or earlier. Eve will ride Vic's Dutch Eroba which is also in the loft. It's a classic 1960s machine - 531 tubing, Campag chainset and gear and Mafac brakes. Even got some Michelin Hi-lite tyres [from the 1990s]  to finish it off.

I'm going to be going too - and if we can squeeze it in the tiny car we have I shall take the Argos that has been in the loft. This was it last time I used it. Isn't it lovely eh? All light tubing [Ishiwata] , fag paper clearances, 28 spoke wheel and 5 or 6 speed. I know, I know, it has a double clanger on here but not now - going back to it's original guise when it propelled Graham Wilman to time trial brilliance. Not sure if it will go down with us and if it does, not sure if I will be up to riding it but hey!


ADRIAN said...

Thanks for the links. Very interesting. Never new they were so complicated.

Roy Karlsvik said...

But hey, for sure!!
No wonder you had to take this beauty out into some good old sunlight... or at least daylight! A slick machine made to roll :) Nice pics as well, and I love the one with the bike towards that great looking brickwall.