Thursday, October 15, 2015

lost pixels

An Lanntair lost some pixels yesterday, fell out of the projector all over the cinema floor just before the film  was about to start so, we didn't get to see the film about Greenland in the Hebrides Film Festival. The little pile of pixels sat on the carpet glistening as they were waiting to be swept up. Seems like the short archive film the same day went the same way. Great programme all the same - on all week all over the island.

I realise know that it couldn't have been Yorkshire here. Maybe Taunton with branches like that.

But we were at Kew Gardens. Like you can be. Nice.

Cost an arm and a leg mind you bit well worth the trip. Hadn't been there for ages. Since last century some time as it happens. There's some lovely art galleries there now too.

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