Sunday, October 25, 2015

This pleases me

I'm a sucker for cheap cameras and this camera I used was cheap. Cheap when I bought it second-hand anyway. The Pentax Espio 170sl looks lovely - small an sleek, smooth and silvery type of thing. It takes Ok snaps too - if you point it in the right direction but the thing I really like is the little switch that makes the thing panoramic. I say panoramic and it is I suppose but it does this by shutting off two thirds of the 35mm frame. The effect is excellent in my eyes - but then I am easily pleased, thankfuly.

I found the camera today with a few frames left [down the back of the settee]  and finished the roll on a short stroll in the howling wind down to see The Crofter. Since the weather is so awful, I developed the film [Foma400 in DDX] straight away. Was it worth it?

Cromor rush hour

 Housing estate

This is a road. In Cromor


Michael McNeill said...

Definitely worth it.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Very much worth it as seen through my eyes anyway. You got some fantastic landscape over there... as you know, of course.