Thursday, November 12, 2015

Don't tell me you have been waiting for this?

Well, there it is anyway. All horsed up and everything. Yesterday. It was yesterday. Yes, the sun almost shone a bit then. Lashing down and howling now. Like it does.

Excuse me while I nail the house down.


gz said...

hope you're safe and HHHCB is ensconsed in front of the stove!

Roy Karlsvik said...

Ah... there it is! Thanks :))
Weather is very calm and no rain either... at the moment, of course. I guess not for long.

ADRIAN said...

As you know I appreciate some of your images. Not all obviously but I would like to click on the ones I admire and see them full screen. If you save the scans at 1500 pixellies on the longest side and pixels per inch doesn't really matter, anything over 72 and under 110 is fine for all but the silly money screens. They will pop up with either a bit of code or I believe blogger has given you the ability to let them appear outside the lightbox display. If you want the code then let me know. It's easy to copy and paste into your blog body.