Saturday, November 28, 2015

I was there

Don't throw away your older darkroom papers. They may be fogged but they may well lith well. See, AGFA RC paper. Old as the hills. Nearly anyway.

Or you can use watercolour paper - print as cyanotype, Vandyke [when the emulsion works] or, as this next one - as Gumoil. Yes, not gumBichromate but Gumoil. This was my first attempt. Can you tell?

Perfect eh?


Roy Karlsvik said...

Wow...! That's what I was talking about earlier today. You know, creativity to come jump at me, and all that nonsense. All this reminded me that I got a bunch of old Agfa paper laying dead in a drawer. Had to take a closer look, and they all seem to be dated 1972 and 1975. All sizes from 3,5"x5" (very small indeed) up to 12"x16" (a bit large, but I got a knife somewhere).
That gum process print looks absolutely fantastic! I got some handmade (of all things...) water color paper somewhere, and this might be something I could put it into some good use for?! I thing I'll need to go check that link and see what I find.
Great prints, again :)

ADRIAN said...

This is much better than my effort. Next week I will bleach mine and have another go, I used an image of a pony's head and suspect I didn't get enough contrast in the positive.
I'll keep trying.

ADRIAN said...

Can I ask what you expose these with. I was thinking of a mercury vapour lamp but they are thirty pounds a pop for 1000w. UV LEDs are twice the price for enough to give a minute or two exposure. If I ever decide to settle then I'll look at making a contact print set up. As you know sunlight up here takes ages or for ever.

Andrea Ingram said...

Adrian, I use a home made UV box made with 4 x 10" tubes. Not very powerfull so have to leave it cooking for an hour for his !

Michael McNeill said...

Very nice indeed. I'd like to try this some day, it looks great.