Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let me take you around Stornoway 1. Or, why I don't live there.

What do mean you missed that bit?
It is, I might add, one of the special sights to appreciate when you visit the town of 'dead fish and diesel' . Like this;

You don't get pipes like that nowadays.
Now, lie down and listen.

I went out with a camera of two yesterday, only the sun shone. Unexpectedly. I snapped up a sheeps but the weather got to me so i went home for a cup of tea. As I do


gz said...

Pirate sat and listened, drunk Kiwi wine and was amazed how those guys can remember all those notes in their heads.....

Roy Karlsvik said...

I laid down and listened, and it was good to do just so.
And vol. 1 of the tour around Stornoway makes me want more of it. More snaps of course.
I think I would rather live over there, even if that meant I had to live in Stornoway with all the dead fish. I'm quite used to diesel anway...