Monday, November 09, 2015

No Mr Maher, it is not Vettriano

Took a snap of the print I'd not long finished but not dried with the pixels in the phone. Of course it looks better on there than in reality - that's the way life is.  So, now it's dried I scanned the thing. Everyone seems to want to experience life through a phone screen don't they? I mean, why look at something/someone when you can use the phone as an intermediary.

Back to the snap/masterpiece. Snapped it a while ago with the Zarya / Polypan-f. Printed it Sunday onto Ilford MGFB, threw it in bleach then sepia and there we have it. Eh?

Tell me it's brilliant or else!


ADRIAN said...

It's brilliant or else. There.
I really am very envious. I would like a house and a darkroom.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Sure, it's brilliant or else! And, it's another one masterpiece from that darkroom over the sea. I would love to make something like that some day, but of course I will not. I will make my own, I hope :))

Michael McNeill said...

Wonderful print.