Thursday, November 19, 2015

Old bikers

Tis a bit like Belgium in the bike world only, with more style and less rain.
We were there that year - whenever it was.
We are going to the English event next year.


Roy Karlsvik said...

OK, I might be VERY far off here, but take a look at this: The last snap, not the first one... he's the owner of the blog, Micke Berg from Sweden. He's an old school very dedicated biker, and he's a photographer and I think I've seen a jersey like that somewhere in his blog.
Could this be the same man? That's the mystery for this weekend :))
A great snap it is, no matter what!

Mike the bike said...

Hallo, whar a nice story, sorry to say, it isnt me in the picture, but I have a shirt like that, the old Bianchistyle. All the best to you old bikers, what a nice blog,m keep on cycling

micke berg