Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wandering, not lost

I rediscovered this gem of a snappette the other day whilst looking for an image to make into a Vandyke print. This was my selection. I love this snap. It may not be technically brilliant but emotionally, for me it's all there. It also makes the difference that I really like the subject of the snap - Mick, who with Bee and Toots the cat sail the seas and are currently in Maine, that's USA. I think.

The Vandyke now it's done - at least the first try is done - is quite nice. When it's really nice, I'll post it here once it's dry. I have done them before you know!

And yes, I do realise I lost a day. Must have been the gale that blew it away. Only thing I can think of.


Dave said...

This is rather a good portrait and I look forward to seeing your Vandyke version.

Michael McNeill said...

Super photograph - I can see why you love it.