Thursday, December 03, 2015

Days like this

Not all winter but a lot of it we are masked by rain and wettish clouds before it is swept away by howling gales for the next lot of damp weather to come in. It makes for nice light mind you. As long as you can rate your film at 800 or above.

This is the middle of the island - the sort of place one goes through on your way somewhere. I was on my way somewhere at the time. I came back too.


gz said...


Graham Edwards said...

Now that's fascinating. It looks like the Peatland Road bacon in the 70s but there were no poles so far as I can recall. I should know it but I'm not sure that I do.

Roy Karlsvik said...

This one is just, hands down, brilliant!
The road, or track, vanishing into that nice foggy point in the fog... and those wonderful looking poles. I could very easily find a wall to hang this one on :)

Andrea Ingram said...

Well Roy, I do have a print. I shall send it you.
Please send me your address; - wiesmier [at]